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License types and prices

The following license types for Boot-US version 3.x.x can be purchased:
    Amount Version 3 Upgrade from V2 School license
    1 18.50 EUR  7.50 EUR   
    5 45.00 EUR  15.00 EUR  yes
    20 90.00 EUR  25.00 EUR  yes
    100 225.00 EUR  50.00 EUR  yes
These prices are final prices including tax and transportation. No further costs arise.

Owners of old V2 licenses may upgrade to a version 3 license for a reduced price (see above table).

Higher numbers or unlimited licenses are available on request from J-M-S and the author.

Public schools get the multiple licenses for half the price. According to the license type purchased the package Boot-US may be used only on the corresponding number of PCs. For example, a single PC license entitles the licensee to use Boot-US on one PC.

The latest price list is always available on this web page.  

Obtaining licenses online

The registration service J-M-S ( offers a convenient online registration of Boot-US. The following four links lead you directly to the appropriate web page at J-M-S (Boot-US has the numbers #0180 till #0183):

   order Boot-US V3 (individual license)
   order Boot-US V3 (5 licenses)
   order Boot-US V3 (20 licenses)
   order Boot-US V3 (100 licenses)

Upgrade licenses from version 2 to version 3 may be ordered by the following links from J-M-S (upgrade to Boot-US V3 has the numbers #4180 till #4183):

   order upgrade from V2 to Boot-US V3 (individual license)
   order upgrade from V2 to Boot-US V3 (5 licenses)
   order upgrade from V2 to Boot-US V3 (20 licenses)
   order upgrade from V2 to Boot-US V3 (100 licenses)

J-M-S offers a secure data transmission and accepts practically any way of payment (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX and DINERS, CHEQUES and many others). J-M-S has been provided with a license generator for Boot-US and will send the license file directly to the customer. This is the easiest and fastest way to obtain a license for Boot-US.

The file english\payform.txt in the installation directory of Boot-US contains an order form for J-M-S. If you cannot use the online registration (or if you do not want to use it) you can fill out this form and send it by e-mail, fax or postal letter to J-M-S.

We kindly ask you to make use of the registration service offered by J-M-S. You will free the author from pure administration duties and allow him to spend more time on the support and for improvements.

License file

When you purchase a license you will receive a license file together with detailed installation instructions. Additionally you find these instructions in the online help under "Installing the license".